Why travel with Hakuna Matatu Bus?

There are normally two choices when moving between hostels: public transport or taxi

Public Transport

Public transport is the cheaper option, however, it can be extremely limited from a travellers perspective.  Journeys are generally slow, often require multiple changes of vehicle and can completely miss some of the best backpacker destinations.  Many local bus companies do not publish their schedules online and some don't even have scheduled departure times at all - instead waiting until the bus is full before departing (which can take a long time!)

A typical hostel move with public transport will involve getting a taxi to the bus terminal, the main bus journey itself (possibly with multiple changes) and finally another taxi to get from the bus terminal to your new hostel.   All these individually cheap fares start to add up, not to mention the effort and time you have invested!  



Taxis are undoubtedly an easy and faster option, however, their convenience comes at a high price.  Many taxi drivers have a bad reputation for ripping off tourists and it can sometimes be difficult to get a fair price as a foreigner (even for seasoned travellers who love to haggle).  Booking through your hostel is a good way to ensure you get a reputable driver and pay a fair price, but will likely still be a significant cost (especially for solo travellers).

Hakuna Matatu Bus Transfer

Hakuna Matatu Bus  his the sweet spot between these two options.  Our transfers combine the speed and convenience of a taxi with the low prices of public transport.  We pick you up directly from your hostel reception and drop you at your next hostel - it couldn't be easier :)  Simply book your ticket online and then relax, we'll sort the rest. The shorter journey times mean you arrive at your destination feeling fresh - ready for an adventure with you new hostel hoppa friends!  

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