Madaraka Express (SGR)

Madaraka Express (SGR Railway)

Travel from Nairobi to Mombasa or Mombasa to Nairobi in just five hours!


The Madaraka Express is Kenya's new flagship railway and is hands down the best way to travel between Nairobi and Mombasa (or vice versa).   This journey takes a mere five hours on the train (compared to a bumpy 12 hours on the bus) and cuts straight through the middle of two national parks - spot giraffes, zebras and elephants while zooming to your destination at speeds of to 120mph.   The trains are modern with comfortable seats, toilets and dining carriages (in both first and second classes).

Booking in advance is highly recommended as tickets nearly always sell out.  If you have an MPESA account you can book your tickets here.   Unfortunately MPESA is currently the only way to pay online for your ticket....   if like most travellers you do not have an MPESA account do not despair - Hakuna Matatu Bus is here to help!

We book your Madaraka Express (SGR) ticket for you!  We accept payment by Credit Card or PayPal

How it works


1: Check ticket availability for your intended date of travel here


2: If there is availability, book a ticket through our booking portal below and complete payment (we will need your intended travel dates, email address and names + passport/ID numbers of all travellers)

3: Once we receive your booking we will purchase your tickets on your behalf and email you the User Number and Booking Code  


4: On the day of travel use the User Number and Booking Code to print the tickets at the station (the printing booths are located in the station ticket hall).  We recommend arriving at the station one hour before your scheduled departure time

5: Board the train, sit back and enjoy one of the most scenic train rides in the world!    

Train Options

There are two choices of train: the Express and the Inter County.  Both trains are the same price and follow the same route, however, the Inter County takes an additional hour due to stops on route (the Express Train is a direct service with no stops).  Both services run everyday with the Inter County service departing in the morning and the Express Service departing in the afternoon.   The times for the trains are as follows:

Express Service  (5 Hours Travel Time)

Depart Mombassa (3.15pm)  Arrive Nairobi (8:14pm)


Depart Nairobi (2:35pm) Arrive Mombasa (7:18pm)



Inter County Service  (6 Hours Travel Time)

Depart Mombasa (8.00am) Arrive Nairobi (1:42pm)


Depart Nairobi (8:20am) Arrive Mombasa (2:18pm)

Ticket Prices

We only book second class tickets, as, at three times the price, we feel that first class tickets are not worth the extra expense.  Second class seats are still very comfortable (especially by African standards!) and the extra US$20 would be much better spent elsewhere!   

- First class tickets Ksh 3000 (US$30) 

- Second class tickets Ksh 1000 (US$10) 

- Children between 3 & 11 years are half the adult price  ​                                                         

- Infants below 3 years are free (but they don't get their own seat)

Our Fees

We offer the best possible rates for this service, our fees are as follows:   20% of ticket price + US$4 per ticket

- The fees for an adult second class ticket would be $6   (($10 x 20% = $2) + $4 = $6))  Total Ticket Price $16

- The fees for a child second class ticket would be $5   (($5 x 20% = $1) + $4 = $5))       Total Ticket Price $10

The 20% of ticket price is to cover our fees for accepting credit card/paypal payments, converting to USD to KSH, and adding the KSH to an MPESA account to purchase the ticket.   The US$ 4 dollar fee covers the labour costs of purchasing the ticket and emailing you the booking details.   We guarantee that this is the best price that you will find for this service - we are so confident of this that that if you find a cheaper offer we will refund you the difference.    Our fees are in US$ as our booking system does not accept online KSH payments. 

Hours of Operation

Tickets can be booked any time, however our office hours are Monday to Friday (10am-12pm) and (1pm-3pm).   If you book a ticket we will email you your User Number and Booking Code within 24 hours (and usually on the same day).  However, please be aware that if you book tickets on a Friday after 3pm or on Saturday/Sunday, you will not receive your tickets until Monday.



SGR Train 

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Second Class Cabin

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